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Home Buyers Distracted

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Since the beginning of June I have noticed a slow down in the Bay Area home buying market. Fewer competing offers when we make offers on homes and fewer offers coming in on our listings for sale. It is typical for the July/August Real Estate market to slow down in the Bay Area because so many people leave on extended vacations. However this feels like the home buyers all stopped to take a deep breath and rest up from the frantic pace of the previous two years. I personally have been involved with offers that have gone back and forth in counter offers several times until we were able to reach an agreement which was not happening even six months ago. I suspect that some list prices were a bit aggressive in selecting price in the anticipation that prices were still rising and buyers would chase the price to get the homes. Here is an excerpt from a California Association of Realtors article on the new home market from this July:

Buyers Resistance?

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After surging the first four months of the year, the real estate market in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County seems to be encountering a little buyer’s resistance. While multiple offers are still the norm, the number of offers on any property have decreased. Also, it seems buyers are getting a little more particular about what they’re willing to bid on.

Summer Savers: Items to Buy Now


Believe it or not, having a plan in place for buying items you need at the right time can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Here’s a look at items best bought during summer:

Single Family Detached Homes VS Planned Unit Development


Many home buyers are confused over the difference between Single Family Homes (SFR) and Planned Unit Developments (PUD) such as Town Homes and Condominiums. I find that once the buyers understand the features of both they can then make an informed decision.

Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill


You know there’s money to be saved by using less water in and around your home, but you aren’t quite ready to reduce your shower flow to a trickle. Have no fear; there are still steps you can take to seriously reduce your water bill each month.

Spring Surge in the Real Estate Market!

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San Mateo County is on fire!  A number of the clients I have been working with over the last two years commute both North and South for the daily work commute; with the boom of start-ups in San Francisco and the main-stay hi-tech jobs down in Santa Clara County, splitting family commutes in half. This makes the mid-peninsula area of San Mateo County the ideal location to split the difference.

Should You Hire A Pro For Your Taxes?

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As tax time rolls around you may be finding yourself wondering how to best spend your money:

Home Inventory Increasing in 2014

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In my daily interactions with potential home buyers, the common thread among them is the frustration over lack of inventory. When the potential home buyers have done their homework by completing the loan application and obtaining a pre-approval, it is difficult to sit tight and wait for new listings of homes for sale. Well, the good news is that the inventory is increasing daily and the expectation is that it will continue through 2014. We still have a huge demand for homes so it will take a while to satisfy the home buyers’ appetite for ownership.

Are Your Tax Withholdings Correct?

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If you are employed, your taxes are most likely collected on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning a little bit is withheld from each paycheck. It is assumed that it is easier and less painful to pay small amounts throughout the year than to pay one huge bill once a year. However, the amount of taxes that is withheld from our paychecks is often different from our actual tax liability, which is why some people get refunds, because their withholdings are more than their liability, and some people owe, because their withholdings are less than their liability.

Slow Start for the New Year

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The interest in Real Estate ownership is still very high as is reflected  in the applications for full pre-approvals for financing. However, when the inventory is already low coming into the new year along with the usual slow January/February, the two combine to make for a very low inventory market. When this happens it creates depressing headlines that can crush the dreams of home ownership. Here is an article from the California Association of Realtors:

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